7v7 Men's Soccer

Thursdays @ Baruch Playground, East Village

Kickoff times are: Mondays: 7 pm at Lions Gate Field in Chinatown / Thursdays: 6: 15 pm, 7: 10 pm at Baruch Playground / Thursdays: 8: 50 pm at JJ Walker Park. Teams will rotate kickoff times.

Summer Registration Deadline: June 8th

June 10th - August 26th
7 regular season games + top 4 teams make playoffs.

Thursdays 6.00pm-10.00pm
54min per game.

7v7 Men's
At least 10 players on roster, 7 on field.

Baruch Playground
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Fees cover the NYC Parks permit for the field, the best referees, high-quality balls & large-size goals.

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