Register for the One Day GPSP Soccer Tournament

Sponsored by Gantry Plaza State Park & NYCFC

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Tournament Registration Deadline: September 20

What to look forward to:
  • Each player gets a t-shirt, sponsored by NYCFC
  • Winning team get tickets to NYCFC final home game of the season and shout out at match
  • Winning team also gets trophies
  • Refreshments provided - Local Brewery sponsoring beers
  • Photographer
  • DJ

September 30th
3 groups of 4 teams, each team playing 3 games.Top 2 from each group move on to playoffs.

Saturday 11am-4pm
25 minutes per game.

7v7 Co-Ed
12 teams of 10 players each, 7 on field. At least 2 females per team must be in the outfield at all times.

Gantry Plaza State Park
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250/team ($25/player)
All funds will cover expenses & donated to Gantry Plaza State Park.

Create a Team Join Your Team