Making competitive soccer fun since 2008.

Join 23,630 NYC Soccer League members who play year-round soccer to socialize and just get after it! We pride ourselves on running a well-organized — and most importantly, fun — Co-Ed soccer league for intermediate-level players.

Join us if you want to have fun while competing at your level.




We've learned a lot about what makes a long-lasting community in our years organizing soccer games. We've narrowed the list down to a few essential elements that make us successful:

Good refs

There's nothing like a terrible referee to make a miserable game. We look for the best referees we can find and pay them top Dollar.

Great fields

We scour New York for the best pitches to play on and obtain the hardest-to-get permits at the best time slots available.

More game time

Our games are, on average, 20% longer than other well-organized soccer leagues in New York City.

No asshole policy

Anyone undermining the enjoyment of a soccer game will be refunded and removed from the league.

Balanced teams

We get to know players so that any Free Agents are placed on the right teams so that there is a healthy level of competition among teams.

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